The RAJA Foundation – Danièle Marcovici

The RAJA Group created in 2006, on the initiative of Danièle Kapel-Marcovici, and under the auspices of a Fondation of France, the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation, which has made emancipation and the improvement of living conditions for women, in France and in the world, its priority.

For the Foundation, women are key actors in development, and their empowerment benefits everyone. To work for equality between women and men is to promote economic prosperity and political stability around the world, and to contribute to the emergence of a better and more just society.

In May 2017, it launched a call for projects to financially support associative projects for the improvement of women’s rights and living conditions and against the inequalities, injustices and violence they suffer.

Through this call for projects, the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation wishes to provide financial support for projects run by French associations, which aim to promote the emancipation of women, equal rights for women and men, and improving the living conditions of women.

The Foundation particularly supports:

  • Projects to support the defense of the rights of refugee / migrant women, to combat the violence they suffer, and to promote their socio-professional integration;
  • Projects to promote women’s empowerment and support their actions in favor of environmental protection and the fight against climate change (sustainable agriculture, natural resources management, waste management, renewable energy production ).

The RAJA Group’s support for the selected projects is via a shared product operation that mobilizes several of its subsidiaries in Europe. The operation consists in transferring part of the selling price of various “eco-friendly” products to the Foundation. It then transfers all the funds collected to associations leading projects for the emancipation of women and the protection of the environment.

This year, 5 projects were selected for the “Women & Environment” program, including the KAKO Workshop project, which is part of the RECAVACA project and whose objective is to participate in the economic emancipation of a group of women in Haiti, through the establishment of a micro-chocolate factory.