The IUT of Guadeloupe

The University and Technological Institute (IUT) of Guadeloupe is located on the campus of Camp Jacob in Saint-Claude.

The IUT proposes to prepare a University and Technological Diploma (DUT) in the following areas: Biological Engineering, Management of Companies and Administrations, Multimedia and Internet Professions, Social Careers; You can also prepare a Professional Degree in Agronomy, Rural Development and Entrepreneurship in Tropical Environment as well as a Professional License Marketing, Communication, Sales.

As part of the RECAVACA project, an action was carried out with a group of students from the Biological Engineering branch of the Food and Biological Industries. This action consisted in formulating ways of valorizing cocoa in the form of finished products. Three project ideas were emitted by the group of students: cocoa beans coated with a thin layer of syrup based on various products (merise, currant, caramel, grated coconut, ginger); Cacoballs (cocoa paste mixed with other ingredients to form a ball mixed with various products (grated coconut, cassava flour, peanuts …), a cocoa / ginger infusion made with roasted bean membrane and accompanied by ginger dried.

To increase the technical training of students, a minimum ten-week internship is to be carried out during the fourth semester. In this context, we received a trainee from the group of students working on the agro-processing project. It is for the student to make a feasibility study for the establishment of a micro chocolate on behalf of a chocolate maker. This micro-chocolate will be associated with a production line of cassava flour already on the market but will also be coupled with the production of other products.