Atelier Compétences Internationales (ACI) is a research, coaching and training firm specializing in the emergence and capacity building of entrepreneurs and organizations who put human development at the center of their concerns.

ACI was born from the sharing of experiences and expertise of its founders and the choice to support an ecologically sustainable social and solidarity economy.

ACI accompanies today, and all over the world, the innovations, the local development and the international influence of the responsible stakeholders, craftsmen of a more humane and sustainable economy.

The head of ACI, Myriam Conzett, confirmed professional in social and solidarity entrepreneurship, creation of organic and equitable sectors and distribution of products from these sectors, has designed and accompanies for over 15 years many training devices / specialized actions in support of project promoters in the field of the social and solidarity economy (ESS) – companies, cooperatives, associations, mutuals, foundations, and more broadly the carriers of sustainable development projects. She was an active member of the Bureau of the French Fair Trade Platform (now “Fair Trade France”) and led the development of activities for the creation of organic and fair trade sectors in India, Africa and Bolivia.

Holder of a Master II in “Research Action”, she regularly acts as a force for analysis and proposal to local authorities or large companies eager to design new strategies based on the creation of values.